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Canadian Mining and Tunneling Expert:  Randy Ouimet Canadian Mine Supply Consulting offers Manufacturer and Service Provider Collaborative Representation to the Mining, Tunneling and Heavy Construction Markets.  ROCMSC also provides Sales and Business Development consulting services to mining and tunneling suppliers, service providers, engineering companies and contractors. "Randy Ouimet Canadian Mine Supply Consulting” was formed in April 2019 (CFC Underwriters Insured).  ROCMSC's clientele list extends from hands on workers to CEO’s and all positions in between. ROCMSC provides keen recognition for new technology opportunities and how innovative products can positively impact an operation. ROCMSC's experience is very well recognized and suggestions resonate with customers. ROCMSC can help build sales strategies and support teams, mentor non-sales industry professionals and help manufacturers and suppliers qualify opportunities and quantify their benefits.  Randy Ouimet, Mining and Tunneling Expert

ROCMSC will Grow Your Bottom Line, develop a strategic sales plan, bring a new product to market, or bring your current product to a new market.  ROCMSC can recruit talent. Do you work for a mine, tunnel or construction project?  ROCMSC can source products and services, vet suppliers capabilities, and better the supply chain from Suppliers through Total Quality Investigation and Six Sigma based Score-Carding/Analytics programs.

Recruiting:  Whether on the supply side of the business or a mine, tunnel or construction project, ROCMSC is very well connected and can bring talent to your doorstep through public campaigns or indiscreetly. ROCMSC works through specific project contracts or by monthly retainer.   

Contact or Call +1-705-662-9760

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