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Experience Card

Product and Services Application and Support Training (examples but not limited to):


  • Underground and Surface Hydraulic Drilling Products (autonomous and man operated jumbos, longholes, roof bolters, raise bores);

  • Underground and Surface Down the Hole Drilling Products (Automated and man operated down the hole drill rigs, DTH hammers and bits);

  • Scooptrams and Trucks;

  • Underground Production Support Equipment (scissor trucks, anfo loaders, scalers, etc);

  • Ground Control products including roof bolts and installation tools and geotechnical chemicals;

  • Shotcrete sprayers and concrete haulers and Shotcrete/Concrete Chemicals;

  • Locomotives; Kiruna type rail haulage systems;

  • Ore handling Chutes and dump stations

  • Boost Air Compressors;

  • Jaw and Rotary Crushers;

  • Underground Communications Systems;

  • Conveyor Systems and Belt;

  • Rigging Products; Ventilation Tubing; Air and Water Hose; and more.

  • Feldcamp Fluidpower” (Parker/Sundstrand) load sense and pressure compensated hydraulics systems;

  • Automation Principles (Ainsworth/Hitachi/Atlas Copco/Normet);

  • Continuous Mining Systems including inline loading machines, mobile crushing plants and conveyances

  • Embedded Labour Contract Management

  • Time and Material Contract Estimating and Proposals


Formal Education and Certification:


  • AV Communications diploma:  Cambrian College

  • Cambrian College Continuing Education Courses including:

                  Ground Control

                  Marketing I and II

                  Accounting Principles I and II

  • Certified Sales Professional, Canadian Professional Sales Association

  • Six Sigma Green Belt with Brown Belt Training 

  • Operations Management


Business Training (examples but not limited to):

  • Strategic Account Management, Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA);

  • Professional Selling; CPSA;

  • ISO 9001 Quality Auditing;

  • ISO 9002 Quality Co-ordinating;

  • The Quality Principles of Deming;

  • The Supply Chain Principles of Deming;

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Auditing

  • Total Qualify Investigation (TQI) problem solving

  • Microsoft Office Intermediate Principles in Word, Excel and Power Point

  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers

  • Reliability Centred Maintenance Program for Mobile Equipment

  • Colorado School of Mines Tunnelling Short Course

  • Talent Vectia Customer Value Training

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