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Randy Ouimet Canadian Mine Supply Consulting offers Manufacturer and Service Provider Independent Representation to the Canadian Mining, Tunneling and Heavy Construction Markets.  ROCMSC also provides Sales and Business Development consulting services to mining and tunneling suppliers, service providers, engineering companies and contractors. "Randy Ouimet Canadian Mine Supply Consulting” was formed in April 2019 (CFC Underwriters Insured).


Throughout his career, Randy Ouimet his demonstrated the ability to:

  • Qualify opportunities and Quantify potential results

  • Develop synergistic relationships between end users and vendors where each appreciates the value of the relationship

  • Implement a company’s strategies while demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit and creating value at the customer level resulting in quantifiable opportunities

  • Understand the strengths and machinations of a company and help its employees, sell their ideas internally and get things done within the company they represent.

  • Discern how a vendor’s local, national and global distribution centre inventories will best be applied to a mine and tunnel location and machine lifetime utilization via customer owned and operated inventories, vendor managed inventories or consignment contracts

  • Promote and maintain the represented company’s brand maintaining clarity and continuity in its presentation.

  • Recruit valuable talent